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CRAIG CORCORAN has been playing guitar since 1979 and working full time in the music business since 1994. Corcoran Custom Guitars’ workshop is situated in the suburb of Petersham in the inner west of Sydney and offer a premium service on all guitar repairs, guitar setups, fretwork, restorations and custom guitar builds . Guitar lessons are also available and Craig is an active guitarist who enjoys performing and recording.


A  background as a sheet metal worker set strong foundations for guitar repair with tool technique, an eye for detail, high standards, top quality workmanship, and a thorough and holistic approach.


We take pride in our customer service, and at Corcoran Custom Guitars you are dealing directly, one on one, with your repairman.





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Guitar Setup and Service

Includes truss rod/ neck adjustment, intonation, action and correct string radius set, all hardware checked and tightened where applicable, fretboard conditioned, guitar frets detailed and polished, body buffed and electronics checked if needed.

Repair Services

* Restorations and Rebuilds

* Bridge Re-glue

* Braces Re-glued

Fret Dress

Guitar frets are levelled with a levelling file to get rid of any high or uneven frets, then re-profiled/ crowned/ restored back to half round frets using a one sided file, using the holistic old school method Gibson and Fender artisans used decades ago. Guitar frets are then sanded with a variety of grits and then polished. Flat guitar frets dull your guitar's tone, correct crowning is imperative after a level. 

Other Services

* Broken Head stocks/ Necks

* Damaged or Cracked           Soundboards Repaired

* Necks Reset.

Guitar Refret

Worn out guitar frets are carefully removed, all old glue removed, and the fingerboard is then given a re- radius if it is rosewood or ebony. New fret wire is bent, cut, installed with the dead blow hammer and and glued in. Guitar frets are seated perfectly. The new frets are then given a full fret dress. A new bone nut is then cut and the guitar given a full setup and polished!


* Rewires

* Pickups Fitted

* Shielding

* Customising

* Routing

Bone Nuts and Compensated Bone Saddles

Bone for tone, hand carved and customised to your instrument using the correct tools, gauges and nut slotting files.

Guitar Builds

Corcoran Custom

Guitar Builds





In addition to guitar repairs and restorations, we offer custom built guitars to your specifications. The gallery above shows our Telekinetik, Widowmaker, Blackstar and Surfmaster models. 

One of the many advantages of having Corcoran Custom Guitars "build" your instruments is no shortcuts are taken with finishing, all fretwork is carefully dressed and crowned old school and holistically with a three-sided file, and hand cut bone nuts are cut specifically to your preferred string gauge. 

Only premium parts are used and many custom features are added, such as hand machined stainless steel neck plates and Strat style bridges from cold rolled steel, compensated thick brass saddles for Tele style and Jazzmaster bridge.

Another KABOOM X factor are our custom hand wound Orpheus pickups by David Paul.




Creative Guitar Tuition Sydney - Real guitar for committed students

Attentive, one on one guitar lessons with Craig Corcoran in a professional studio environment. Clean, bright, air conditioned and fully equipped

Learn Jazz, Rock, Blues, Contemporary , Classical, Funk, Latin , Gypsy, Folk, Country and other popular styles. Learn at a pace and in a direction you want to go.

Beginners to advanced, all aspects of guitar are supported. Incorporate a practical approach, using rhythm, harmony, melody and improvisation. Learn theory and all about scales and modes and how to apply them effectively. Learn songs and practice techniques.

Ear training, song writing, composition and sight reading. Learn all about chords, arpeggios, substitutions, synonyms and inversions. Learn the magic of counterpoint and leading tones. Alternate tunings, slide guitar, finger style, chord melody and world music. Study your favourite players and learn how to develop your own sound.

Experienced and Professional, with over 15,000 guitar lessons given in the last 25 years. In 40 years playing the guitar Craig has performed countless gigs in a variety of genres, studied and performed with some of Australias top players and performed overseas.

A comfortable, air-conditioned Sydney music studio with huge resource library and comprehensive digital recording available to those wanting to demo. Days and evenings, Monday to Thursday and Friday, Saturday day. 


All guitar lessons are private. Ask about special introductory offer and gift vouchers.

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Contact us directly for obligation free quote

on all luthier services

Tel: 0430 344 334



Parking readily available

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